CDMX Zócalo will be pedestrian; the government will allocate 50 million pesos: Batres

The head of the Government of Mexico City, announced that the Zócalo will be pedestrianized with an investment of 50 million pesos, as part of the project to recover the historic center of the capital.

Batres explained that the project consists of removing the vehicular lanes that surround the Plaza de la Constitución and expanding the sidewalks, as well as installing benches, lighting and urban furniture.

The works will begin in February and will last approximately six months, during which time the traffic flow will be redirected to other streets.

Batres, said that the objective is to make the Zócalo a space for coexistence, culture and recreation, as well as to preserve the historical and architectural heritage of the city.

He also said that the project will benefit the local economy, as it will attract more visitors and tourists to the area.

The Zócalo is one of the most emblematic and visited places in Mexico City, where important events such as the Grito de Independencia, military parades, concerts, protests and cultural festivals take place.

Source: El Economista