Querétaro presents ‘Health with You Card’ for access to free medical services

Querétaro, January 8, 2024.- The Governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri González, announced the implementation of the ‘Tarjeta Salud Contigo’, an initiative aimed at providing free medical services to people without social security.

This policy aims to reduce the deficiencies in access to health services in the state and to close the existing gaps in this area.

During the event ‘Contigo Informamos’, Kuri González highlighted the efforts made by his administration, which have managed to lift more than 250,000 people out of poverty and more than 28,000 out of extreme poverty.

The disappearance of the Seguro Popular motivated the need for this new card, jointly managed by the Secretariat of Social Development and the Secretariat of Health, to reach the most vulnerable people.

Diana Pérez Mejía, Secretary of Social Development, mentioned that Querétaro ranks 13th nationally in terms of people with lack of access to health services, approximately 753,000 individuals.

Since 2019, the State has guaranteed the right to health free of charge, and now with the ‘Tarjeta Salud Contigo’ it seeks to raise awareness of this right.

The strategy includes a dissemination campaign about the available health services, facilitating affiliation through mobile units, health centers, hospitals and support units.

In addition, university students, formal workers and their families will be guided on access to health services from IMSS and ISSSTE.

The credentialing process will be done online, through the page programas.queretaro.gob.mx/sipros, and through registration brigades.

Those interested must present INE, CURP and proof of address to obtain the card.

María Martina Pérez Rendón, Secretary of Health, indicated that approximately 47.4% of the population does not have social security, being a responsibility of the State to address this situation.

With the ‘Tarjeta Salud Contigo’, beneficiaries will have access to a wide range of medical services, including general consultations, vaccination, disease detection, traditional and intercultural medicine, and specialized treatments, among others.

For more information on the location of health centers and available services, you can consult the website: https://www.seseq.gob.mx/red_servicios.

Source: Diario Rotativo