Drivers demonstrate on the Mexico-Puebla highway to demand security

Members of the Mexican Alliance of Transport Organizations (AMOTAC) Puebla Delegation demonstrate this Monday on the Mexico-Puebla Highway to demand more security on the roads.

Around 70 drivers of cargo transport demonstrate taking the low-speed lane of the highway, at the height of Hermanos Serdán Boulevard, to demand more security on the state roads, as they point out that they are constant victims of robberies and apocryphal checkpoints.

In an interview with media, José Romero, driver and union member, reveals that representatives of the organization are in a dialogue table with the head of the state Ministry of the Interior, Javier Aquino Limón, with the purpose of exposing their demands and, if they do not have a positive response, he indicates that they will carry out a blockade on this important road.

He exposes that daily they face robberies with violence, as well as alleged acts of extortion and fraudulent checkpoints where assailants pass themselves off as part of the National Guard (GN).

In this sense, he locates as “red spots” of these crimes the municipalities of San Martín Texmelucan, Amozoc and Acatzingo.

“At least there are three robberies a day in Puebla, but the thieves no longer go only for the merchandise, they go for the truck because they stop you, we live the insecurity daily,” he says.

In view of this, the driver with 30 years of experience, anticipates that among the requests is the implementation of safe stops, as he comments that they do not have areas to rest without fear of being victims of a crime.

He declares that insecurity is not exclusive to the Puebla entity, as it is experienced throughout the national territory.

Finally, it should be mentioned that in recent editions of El Sol de Puebla it was reported that in the 11 months of last year there were two thousand 386 cases, which is the highest figure reported by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) since 2019.

Source: El Sol de Puebla