El Carrizal: tourist gem less than 1 hour from Xalapa

The attraction of this place are the hot springs at 39 degrees, which are attributed great benefits

Did you know that one of the tourist attractions of Veracruz is El Carrizal, in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata? Well, it is visited by thousands of people in a single month, regardless of what time of year it is.

What attractions are there in El Carrizal?

The attraction of this place are the hot springs at 39 degrees, which are attributed great benefits.

The managers of this recreational site mention that throughout the year there is interest in visiting the hot springs and, by the way, knowing one of the few rivers of clean water.

People of different ages, municipalities and states of the country say they opt for this Veracruz place as it is one of the few places where there are hot springs, also highly appreciated by foreign people.

What are some benefits of hot springs?

The sulfate-calcic, sulfhydric waters are recommended to relieve rheumatism, gout, arthritis, neuralgia, stress and muscle therapy.

According to alternative medicine, they contribute to the relief of anxiety and stress. Other benefits that he lists are muscle relaxation, detoxification and improvement of blood circulation.

Liliana Ortiz Martínez, who promotes the benefits of this hot water, assures that the history of man and his emotional and physical health has always been linked to water.

“Water gives life, purifies, connects us with our essence, gives us energy, as well as essential nutrients for the cells, among them, many minerals”, she expresses.

The hydro massage specialist mentions that water regulates body temperature. In addition, he says that the body is a conductor of energy and between 50 and 70 percent of the organism is ionized water.

“The cells let the ions in and out and thus transport electricity”, shares the one who promotes the encounter with the earth and water, as well as therapeutic massages.

With 30 minutes with a good masseur, the muscles relax, the contractures are eliminated, insomnia and depression are reduced, and there is pain relief when the nervous system relaxes, he details.

Whoever wants to visit El Carrizal, 40 minutes away from Xalapa, can do it regardless of whether it is winter or a holiday. It is open all year round. There is a general admission cost of 125 pesos per person.

Source: Diario de Xalapa