Residents of Petatlán and Zihuatanejo accuse extortion for living in their own home and selling food

The inhabitants of Petatlán and Zihuatanejo, Guerrero accuse extortions for living in their own house and selling food, as well as kidnappings by the Michoacan Family.

According to an investigation by the nightly news program Azucena a las 10 de Milenio, inhabitants of at least four communities in Petatlán and Zihuatanejo are being extorted.

The extortions that the inhabitants of these regions of Guerrero have been living for months, even assure that they have approached the authorities without success.

Inhabitants of Petatlán and Zihuatanejo accuse extortions for living in their own house and if they do not pay they are attacked with drones by the Michoacan Family

Testimonies of the inhabitants of Petatlán and Zihuatanejo narrate that members of the Michoacan Family demand that they pay a fee of up to 70 pesos per inhabited house.

They affirm that those who refuse to pay this floor right on their own homes are attacked with bullets or in a more sophisticated way with drones loaded with explosives.

Due to the siege of the Michoacan Family and that they no longer have enough to be paying the fees set as a type of “tax” by this criminal group, they have decided to abandon their homes.

But they are also victims of other crimes such as the lifting and kidnapping by the Michoacan Family, to those who do not want to pay.

This in order to force their families to pay in their place or if the families do not collect a figure of up to 20 thousand pesos, the victims become hitmen of this criminal group or stay working with them.

These criminals also charge a tax on food such as:



Beer and soft drinks

In addition to forcing the inhabitants to consume only their products from them and in case they do not want to do it or pay, the members of the Michoacan Family have a list of each head of family with which they locate each member and beat them brutally.

The populations of:



El Zarco Zihuatanejo

Los Achotes de Petatlán

They are so far the most affected by these extortions that they accuse that they have already gone to the corresponding authorities in Chilpancingo to denounce, but that they have not paid attention to them.

Despite these extortion complaints, it should be remembered that Guerrero is not part of the 5 most dangerous states in Mexico, according to the latest report from November 2023 by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) on crime incidence.

Source: SDP Noticias