A paradise of crystal-clear waters in Campeche

Every town in Mexico has a charm that makes them unique, however, not only those with large constructions or natural rock formations are worthy of discovering, but also the wonders that lie under the bodies of water that form true landscapes full of charm, such as the Pedro Baranda Springs in Campeche, which, with their amazing colors, become a must-see for nature lovers.

This place is considered as a hidden natural treasure in the state of Campeche, located in the community of Pedro Baranda, within the municipality of Candelaria and that is formed by springs fed by underground rivers that extend approximately 3 kilometers.

The waters of the springs are crystal clear and turquoise, which make them ideal for swimming, snorkeling or simply enjoying a sunny day on their shores.

At the bottom of the springs you can see aquatic plants, such as lilies and reeds as part of their rich biodiversity, in which there are also fish, crustaceans and other aquatic species, and outside the water, you can observe migratory and endemic birds, such as herons, ducks and pelicans.

The Pedro Baranda Springs are an ideal destination to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Although water activities are limited by the difficult access to this place, with the help of local guides you can practice snorkeling, hiking along the edge of the springs, horseback riding and picnicking with family and friends, since, being a semi-virgin place, there are no food services nearby.

How to get to the Pedro Baranda Springs in Campeche

Take the Mexico-Puebla highway (Mexico 150D) towards Puebla.

In Puebla, take the Puebla-Veracruz highway (Mexico 150D) towards Veracruz. In Veracruz, take the Veracruz-Villahermosa highway (Mexico 180D) towards Villahermosa.

In Villahermosa, take the Villahermosa-Candelaria highway (Mexico 186) towards Candelaria.

In Candelaria, take the Candelaria-Pedro Baranda highway (Mexico 221) towards Pedro Baranda.

Source: Tendencias