Canadian Pacific Kansas proposes a Mexico-Querétaro train

Automotive freight has been one of the biggest drivers of cross-border rail shipments between the U.S. and Mexico in recent years. Pictured is a train owned by Mexico City-based Ferromex. (Photo: Ferromex)

Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that this week he will analyze the proposal to launch the Mexico-Querétaro passenger train project and that a railway company will present it to him.

In addition, the president stated that the passenger train concession would be ready before the end of his six-year term and this would allow the Mexico-Querétaro train to be created.

AMLO stressed that the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri, is helping a lot to get the passenger train up and running and both are analyzing the project.

It should be noted that the Canadian Pacific Kansas company (CPKC) reported that it has been working for several months on a feasibility study project for the Mexico-Querétaro passenger train, which it will present at the beginning of this year.

“We have to hire and supervise the specialist who will carry out the study and ensure that the results obtained serve to make a decision for the federal government or for whoever wants to invest in a public-private investment and can carry out the project,” he said. Oscar Del Cueto, president of CPKC of Mexico in July of last year.

The idea of ​​CPKC is to have a feasibility analysis for the coexistence of passenger and cargo services, without affecting the service and infrastructure, to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of services, both cargo and possible passengers, and to evaluate the cost of the investment.

When asking President López Obrador in his morning about the progress to launch this train project between both cities, he said that it is necessary to acquire all the right of way, because it is not complete.

There are two possibilities to start the train between the capital and Querétaro and the first is to use the same freight tracks for passenger trains, modernizing them, “it will mean an investment to improve the tracks and electrify them so that they do not become contaminated. but it is a project that there are interested railway companies that have the concession for freight trains.”

López Obrador also said that his government is now “very aware” of the maintenance of the roads in Querétaro and added that in the last six-year term concessions were given to companies for the maintenance of road infrastructure and it has respected those contracts.

Source: OEM

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