“The Servants of the Nation” 20,000 recruits paid by Morena to “spread the word”

There is a group of 20 thousand people paid by the Morena political party called “The Servants of the Nation”, their mission is to preach the name of Lopez Obrador, Claudia Sheinbaum throughout all the poorest rural communities in Mexico, indoctrinate and as has been documented, buy the vote.

The army of federal government operators, known as “Servants of the Nation,” has started the election year with 20,000 recruits strategically distributed throughout the country, which implies a payroll of 3.2 billion pesos annually.

This is an amount equivalent to 50% of all the money allocated to political parties with federal registration in 2018, and just 50 million below the budget allocated to all political parties for campaign expenses in 2024.

Nothing to get crazy about, if you take into account that it is not the largest size that the Servants have reached throughout the Obradorista cavalcade, since in 2021 their group reached 23 thousand members, according to data from the Ministry of Welfare, which they are attached.

In addition, the structure is “flexible” since it can grow throughout the year, as has happened in other years. In 2022, for example, it would have gone from 19 to 22 thousand members in a single month.

This is clear from a series of consultations carried out by EMEEQUIS on open data and requests for transparency, reviews on the Transparent Payroll platform of the Ministry of Public Service, and the Expenditure Budget of the Federation.

To the amount of the payroll, we must add the operating cost, which in 2023 reached, just for “representation expenses”, almost 50 million pesos.

The activities of the serfs have included participation in anti-COVID vaccination tasks, the collection of censuses of victims of natural disasters, and the registration of beneficiaries of social programs of the Obradorista administration. But they have also been denounced as a territorial electoral structure at the service of Morena.

Source: Mas Informacion

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