Hotel de Vochos in Mexico, where is it?

There is an eco-friendly hotel in the Southeast of Mexico with “rooms” made of Beetle cars where you can spend the night.

Although cars and hotels may not have much in common, there are some accommodations that merge both worlds in interesting ways. From a hotel with car-themed rooms to experiences on racetracks.

However, an eco-friendly hotel where you can sleep in a Beetle really exists, and it is in Mexico. It is a concept that seeks to be in contact with nature. These are its amenities and location.

Where is the Beetle hotel?

Although it is booked through the Airbnb platform, the concept is similar to that of a hotel, as there are different accommodations and services. Being an eco-friendly lodging, there are tents, tree house, a plane or a Combi and all the furniture is made of recycled materials.

But the most striking thing is sleeping in a Beetle, which had its seats, gear lever, handbrake and steering wheel removed to fit a mattress. The dashboard remains and that is where the switches for the light are. It has fabric curtains for more privacy.

Outside the Beetle there is a hammock, chairs, tables as well as a pool, bathrooms, WiFi and chef service. It is located 10 minutes from Valladolid, a city two and a half hours from Mérida, in Yucatán.

The idea of adapting Beetles that probably no longer worked to use them as “rooms” in an eco-friendly hotel is certainly a different idea that gives a second life to these cars. The rate is around $1,200 per night and has good ratings on the Airbnb portal.

Source: El Universal