More than 800 Latin American travelers are turned away at Cancun Airport

The Cancun Airport registers the rejection of 815 foreigners, mainly from Brazil and Guatemala, in a context of concerns about migration policies.

Cancun, QROo.- The Migration Policy Unit of the federal government reports as of November 2023, that Quintana Roo reports a total of 815 foreigners rejected at the Cancun International Airport (AIC).

Brazilians and Guatemalans top the list of rejections of that total, 277 cases of Brazilian citizens and 165 Guatemalans stand out in the reference period, that is, these two nationalities represent 54% of the total rejections at the Cancun terminal.

They are followed in number, from highest to lowest, by Hondurans with 80 cases, 64 Belizeans, 35 Salvadorans, 33 Cubans, 20 Ecuadorians, 15 Dominicans and 13 Colombians.

Regarding the Colombian case, it is noteworthy that there are very few cases compared to other nationalities, since in the last two years the reports of mistreatment, rejection and even accusations of extortion against these citizens by migration agents have been the most prominent at the national level.

Just this week, a new case of complaint for allegedly unjustified rejection of entry to the country of a Colombian citizen through the Cancun International Airport has been disseminated.

Recommendation of the CNDH on violations at the AIC Even just in October of last year, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) issued a recommendation against the National Migration Institute for violations of legal security and the right of transit against a Colombian family at the AIC.

The complaint was filed since May 31 of last year, after a couple with their two children traveled on May 22 from Colombia to Amsterdam, with a stopover in Cancun, where “they were received by a migration agent and channeled to an area where they were not allowed to board their connecting flight, being returned that same night to their country of origin, adding that the room where they were housed to wait for their return flight, there were adult men, so their daughters and wife felt uncomfortable”, reads the recommendation.

The numbers of the Migration Policy Unit of the federal government also refer only 13 rejections of US citizens, regarding which it is recorded that between January-November 2023, 5 million of them entered through Cancun, as well as 1.1 million Canadians.

In contrast, with just one million visitors in the same period, the number of rejections among Latin American citizens is 60 times higher.

Source: El Economista