Electoral violence grows; Jaime Vera, candidate of the Green Party in Jalisco, is shot dead

Jaime Vera, candidate of Morena and PVEM for the mayorship of Mascota, Jalisco, was killed on Thursday morning in the municipality of Zapopan.

Vera, 62, was outside an establishment located at the confluence of Moctezuma and Clouthier avenues, in the Puerta del Sol neighborhood, when he was shot.

Witnesses of the murder reported the incident to the emergency number, so municipal police arrived at the site and found the man lying on the street, next to a pickup truck.

The body of Jaime Vera had several bullet wounds in the body; according to the preliminary information collected by the police, the alleged perpetrator was a man dressed in dark clothes who approached the candidate and shot him at point-blank range and escaped on foot.

Although he did not confirm the identity of the victim, through social networks the coordinator of the security cabinet of the Government of Jalisco, Ricardo Sánchez, indicated that the person killed was originally from Mascota.

“According to the first versions, the deceased would be registered to compete in the electoral process by the Green Party in that municipality, so, according to the results of the investigations carried out by the State Prosecutor’s Office of Jalisco, the information will be made public as they progress,” said the official.

Crime, a risk factor in elections: magistrates

The magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF) pointed out that the influence of organized crime in the elections is a problem that must be recognized and addressed, before it can even take control from the Presidency of the Republic.

In a forum organized by EL UNIVERSAL, to which the five magistrates were invited, but only the president Mónica Soto, Felipe de la Mata and Felipe Fuentes attended, they reaffirmed the independence and autonomy of the tribunal, assuring that they are not subordinate to any political force.

In this regard, magistrate De la Mata acknowledged that at the local level, there are stories of “terror” about the repercussions of organized crime on courts and electoral councils; however, he stressed that these issues are not discussed.

He emphasized that the electoral authorities need to face the problem of organized crime, starting by recognizing it and not treating it in secret.

Source: El Universal