Parque Central Mazatlán is now Pet Friendly, know its rules

Beware, people who visit Parque Central Mazatlán must comply with basic rules of coexistence when they bring their dogs

The news we were waiting for arrived this 2024, it is about Parque Central Mazatlán, the director of Public Services, Karla Camacho Guzmán, confirmed that the park is now a public space that will admit pets.
The head of the area in charge of the park assured that users who bring their dogs only have to comply with basic rules to have access with their pets such as carrying them on a leash and carrying bags to collect their feces, this to ensure the healthy coexistence of everyone who visits that place.
“We are letting them pass as long as they show that they bring the two bags to collect what they do, they can enter with their leash and they cannot let them go,” she explained.
Camacho Guzmán added that both Mazatlecos and tourists who go to Parque Central are already welcome with their pets, the only thing that is sought is to prevent dogs from attacking each other when walking without a leash or leaving the place dirty that is for the enjoyment of all users, so people must comply with basic rules of coexistence when they bring their dogs.
Rules to comply
Take your puppy on a leash
Do not remove the leash during the walk
Bring your own bags for their feces
Since its inauguration as Parque Central Mazatlán, locals were struck by the new rule, one that did not allow access to pets, something that the old City Forest did allow, but today that rule changed and pets are welcome to have fun.

About Parque Central Mazatlán
Parque Central Mazatlán is an interactive and dynamic space, destined to connect educational, sports, recreational, cultural, tourist and entertainment infrastructure that offers a unique experience to its visitors, both locals and national and international tourists.
It is considered one of the largest natural spaces in the city for its extension of 32.54 hectares, it is located in the south-west of the city, next to the boardwalk. It has an opening hours from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night.
Source: Punto