Permits for Carnival; what you need to know if you want to sell

So far, more than 300 permits for Carnival have been processed by the Mayor’s Office, both for the first time and renewals

MAZATLAN. – If you have not yet requested your permit to sell during the Mazatlan International Carnival 2024, you must do it now and fast that next Thursday the maximum festivities of the port begin.
The head, Rogelio Olivas Osuna, reported that so far more than 300 permits have been processed, both in renewal and new permits for sellers.
He explained that for this 2024, sellers will not be allowed to be located on the boardwalk, since the space assigned to them will be on the side streets, as these spaces are now occupied by restaurants or condominiums.
“If the side street is wide, we are talking about 10 sellers on each side. So far we have, already paid, they are 228 paid, which are renewals and 98 new permits already paid”, he detailed.
What requirements are needed?
The requirements to process the permits for the Mazatlan Carnival that is about to be held from February 8 to 13 are: voter ID, proof of address, a request addressed to the Mayor’s Office and the days they request to work.
Permits for Carnival
The sale of confetti, wigs, glasses, masks, crowns, headbands with lights, masks and necklaces, among others; in addition to the sale of benches to sit on, are the most demanded turns.
The municipal official highlighted the importance of these authorizations to guarantee order and security during the event, since Civil Protection is carrying out the pertinent reviews for the businesses that make use of LP gas.
These measures seek to provide a safe and organized experience for both sellers and attendees of the Mazatlan Carnival 2024, promoting economic development and fun in a controlled and safe environment.
Source: Punto