Do you know how to swim and would you like to contribute to cleaning the sea?

Participate in the first marine garbage tournament that will take place on February 11 at the Paseo del Pescador

Contributing with a grain of sand to clean the sea after the tons of marine garbage left by Hurricane Otis is the main idea of the First Garbage Fishing Tournament that will take place on February 11 at the Paseo del Pescador.

The President of the International Sailfish Tournament Committee in Acapulco, Ángel Octavio Cisneros, invited all of society who know how to swim to register for free at WWW.TORNEOPEZVELA.COM.MX and get information on the telephone lines 744 382 6651 and 744 175 7973.

“There is a route aimed at the reconstruction of Acapulco, and the first is to have a clean house, conditions, infrastructure, to be able to receive the hundreds of teams that come from different parts of the world to participate in the sailfish tournament, hence that series of events”.

This tournament is an alliance that is carried out with professional divers and united civil society, to start with the cleaning of the seabed with expert divers, who take octopus, lobsters, oysters from the rocks. The idea is to rescue as much garbage as possible that is sunk after Otis.

Ángel Octavio said that unfortunately there are marine batteries at the bottom of the sea which cause a greater ecological impact by remaining there due to the chemical components they have, therefore, it is intended to rescue as many accumulators as possible.

He detailed that the people who register will form a team of six members who will have two hours to remove all kinds of waste from the seabed in certain delimited areas, from plastics and metals to large items.

He specified that the score will be based on the total weight (kilograms) of the garbage collected by each team having a scale, recognitions will be awarded to the winners as well as diving accessories.

The President of the International Sailfish Tournament Committee in Acapulco added that not only will the contest be held but they will also have a family coexistence, for which he invited all the families of the port to attend and that the children bring their bicycles and skates, where they will also have entertainment activities with inflatables and animation.

Source: El Sol de Acapulco