They kill 2 custodians and steal 8 million pesos in cash from an armored truck in Guadalajara, Jalisco

The custodians, who would supply a bank, were surprised by several subjects with long weapons; also, a merchant was injured after the robbery

Two custodians of a security transport company died and a merchant was injured during an assault on an armored truck this morning in Guadalajara; according to the first reports, the criminals managed to take almost 8 million pesos in cash.

Approximately at 6:30 am today, the custodians of the company Seguritec Transporte de Valores S.A. de C.V. would supply cash to a bank on Longinos Cadena street, in the Polanco neighborhood, of Guadalajara, but since a street market is installed in the area, they parked the armored truck in which they were traveling about 40 meters from the branch.

The custodians got out of the vehicle with 7.8 million pesos in cash and walked to the bank but between Carlos Reyes and Othón Blanco Cázares streets they were surprised by several subjects with long weapons, so there was an exchange of shots.

After the reports of what happened, elements of various emergency bodies arrived at the site and found two custodians with visible wounds caused by a firearm projectile.

Paramedics from the Municipal Medical Services tried to help them, but upon arrival they confirmed their death; In addition, a merchant from the street market was injured by a bullet in one of his legs, so he was transferred to receive attention.

Ministerial agents belonging to the Unit of Investigation of Robbery to Banking and Securities Institutions of the State Prosecutor’s Office arrived at the place to start the investigations.

According to the first reports, in addition to the money, the criminals took some of the weapons of the custodians’ cargo.

Criminalistics experts from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) began with the securing of evidence, among which are a shotgun and shells of various calibers.

The deceased were transferred to the rest of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for the practice of the corresponding opinions and official identification.

The State Prosecutor’s Office continues with the investigations, in a diligent and objective manner, for which it is reiterated that this information is preliminary and may be subject to modifications as the investigations progress.

Source: El Universal