CHECK from your cell phone if the coins you have are valuable and how much they are worth

Check if your coins are valuable in a few seconds from the comfort of your cell phone.

On many occasions we have ancient coins that we believe are valuable and can cost a fortune, however, we do not know exactly this information; However, in this note, we will tell you how you can check all the details from your cell phone.

How can I check the price of coins from my cell phone? Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can download some applications that will help you know all the details you need about your coins. Goku says goodbye to Akira Toriyama: The message from the soccer player who CHANGED his name The best application available is Coinsnap, although it has a free version and a paid version, which costs 30 euros per year.

This app allows you to scan your coins and in a matter of seconds, it can identify it to show you the data on the year of manufacture, where it was produced, thickness, and most importantly, the price. In addition, it will also allow you to create a collection of coins that will bring together all the aforementioned data so that, if you are going to exchange them at any given time, you know how much you can get for them. What other options can I use to scan my coins? The second option is called Coinoscope, it does not have a paid version and is completely free. The advantage is that it also gives you the exact date of the coin with a single photograph, although it cannot form collections.

The last option is Google Lens , which you can use if you have the Google application downloaded. Unlike the other two, it will not give you exact results, but like Google, it will give you the best options through websites so you can identify the value of your currency. In the event that you are going to sell or buy one and you want to have an estimated price of its value before doing business in a coin house or through the Internet, you will already have an exact idea of ​​its cost so that you can carry out the transaction.