12th Floor of a Building on Brujas Beach in Mazatlán Catches

On Tuesday evening, a fire was reported on the 12th floor of a building under construction in the Cerritos area, on Brujas Beach, Mazatlán.

The area where the fire occurred is a zone of private subdivisions and hotel chains, among which is the Riu, located just 200 meters away.

The fire – which started on the twelfth floor of Tower II – spread to levels 5 and 6 due to the wind, as reported by the local media “Noreste”; in addition, part of the floor where the fire began collapsed, and the supports fell.

According to firefighters, the floor had been recently poured, so the fire burned rapidly due to the cork material used in construction, reported La Jornada.

According to the H. Volunteer Fire Department of Mazatlán, the extinguishing efforts lasted approximately two hours. Saúl Robles Sánchez, fire chief, reported that they activated the incident system to control from a nearby area; the work was carried out from the eleventh floor. Subsequently, the embers were removed.

It’s not a hotel that’s burning in Mazatlán. It’s the top part of a building under construction, and it’s the insulation that was installed that caught fire.

Approximately 35 firefighters participated in controlling the blaze, all of whom returned safely home, reported the volunteer corps, through a post on their Facebook account. Robles Sánchez also noted that only rehabilitation was provided to the firefighters.

Source: Proceso