Oaxaca Government Calls for Peace Pact Among Triqui Organizations to Address Fire

The fire remains active for several days and has devastated hundreds of hectares of forests in the territories of Yosoyuxi and Tierra Blanca, communities in conflict.

The forest fire in communities in conflict in the Triqui area of the Mixteca continues to be active; the head of the Oaxaca Government Secretariat (Sego), Jesús Romero López, calls for a pact among internal organizations to allow the entry of firefighting brigades.

“We are going to send them a brigade of fighters from the State Forestry Commission (Coesfo), but we have asked that both organizations sign a joint document, respecting the physical integrity of the people who will attend,” the secretary specified.

This comes after the fire has been out of control since last Friday, in the communities of Tierra Blanca Copala and Yosoyuxi Copala, in the municipality of Santiago Juxtlahuaca.

“If they do not respect each other, well, we are not going to risk our fighters for a political dispute between both organizations,” he pointed out, after recordings of gunfire detonations circulated in the conflict zone in recent weeks.

Indeed, during these days, the fire has reached the forests of the communities of San Juan Copala, which is affiliated with the Movement for Unification and Triqui Struggle (MULT); La Sabana, affiliated with the Union of Social Welfare of the Triqui Region (Ubisort), to Yosoyuxi Copala, adhered to the Independent Movement for Unification and Triqui Struggle (MULTI), as well as to Tierra Blanca, which is in dispute between MULT and MULTI.

In this regard, Jesús Romero asked the organizations to sign a peace pact, “either they sign and commit, both organizations and the local authorities to guarantee the integrity of the brigadistas, but we are going to enter.”

Regarding this, Eleazar Ortiz, a member of the MULT political table, said that since this Wednesday, he has communicated the damages to the government secretary, but they have not had a response. “Since yesterday, we have communicated with the government secretary to extinguish the fire, but so far, we have not received a response.”

Meanwhile, Horacio Santiago, a member of MULTI, pointed out that as an organization, they are in the best disposition to sign the peace pact, although for now, the fire affects Yosoyuxi more, and it is not necessary to sign agreements because the community guarantees the safety of the brigadistas.

“The authority of Yosoyuxi has already sent a letter where it guarantees the safety of the fighters; however, we have not had a response either.”

While the state authorities wait for a peace signature among the organizations, the damage covers hundreds of hectares of forest, in addition to the damage to the fauna. It should be noted that this part of the Triqui zone is the most forested.

Source: El Universal