French Business Community Calls for More Security and Clean Energy to Invest in Mexico

Xavier de Bellefon, president of the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Mexico), stated that French investors and companies are delighted with the Mexican economy but require greater security, clean energy, and skilled labor.

“The companies that are here love Mexico, we love its opportunities, we love its reality and many other things,” said the businessman.

“However, we would like some conditions to be improved, such as greater security, as well as a much greater need for talent, skilled labor, and clean energy,” he added.

“Both personnel and companies love living in a safer country, although we have all learned to live this way, it can indeed improve,” he continued.

“There is a need for labor in very complex careers to work in the manufacturing of electric vehicles,” he said.

There are many ecological issues, such as clean energy, since many companies are committed to the earth and investors, he expressed.

If factories in Mexico are not green, there will be pressure to have greener, renewable, and ecological energy, he detailed.

French companies are the tenth foreign investor in the Mexican economy.

“French companies are very satisfied with the investments and the committed workforce,” pointed out Alexis Loyer, minister of the Economic Affairs Council of the French Embassy.

“Our companies are very happy with the investments, the domestic market, the nearshoring,” said the diplomatic representative.

“We are extremely interested in continuing to invest in Mexico, as there are great opportunities,” affirmed Lizeth Quintanilla, Director of Talent at Veolia Mexico and leader of the Human Capital Committee of CCI France Mexico.

Mexico has become a very attractive nation for the electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries, so it is important to know the regulatory conditions, she added.

She clarified that there is not enough skilled labor in the Mexican economy, which is why they are working with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Public Education.

“We have to bring talent from other countries for certain specialties, yet there are very talented people in Mexico who today go to work abroad with other companies, and we do not take advantage of them,” Quintanilla specified.

Starting in June 2024, the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry will open representations in Jalisco, Veracruz, Sonora, and the State of Mexico to boost economic growth and attract investments from French companies.

From the representations of CCI France Mexico, the bilateral relationship between France and Mexico will be strengthened in entities such as Jalisco, Veracruz, Sonora, and the State of Mexico, said David Ribot, vice president of CCI France Mexico.

The businessman noted that the new representations will facilitate relations with authorities and French companies and will be allies in the internationalization of Mexican companies.

In Sonora, French companies prioritize the sustainable development of their operations, as the state is a priority for cooperating with authorities in energy matters and foreign investment.

The State of Mexico is a priority entity for the various sectors of the Franco-Mexican community, commented David Ribot.

“We want to work with the public and private sector of the entity to continue positioning its leadership in the international hub, always promoting sustainable solutions,” he affirmed.

Global and national trends are positioning technological development as a priority for most business sectors in the state of Jalisco.

Veracruz is strategic for the development of the activities of the Franco-Mexican community.

“Being one of the most important maritime ports in the country, we want to continue promoting the presence of our companies,” added David Ribot.

Source: Forbes