The investments continue! Sam’s Club and HEB arrive in Altamira

The arrival of investments in commercial stores for the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas is advancing, there is talk of brands such as Sam’s Club and HEB that could be arriving in the industrial city of Altamira this year.

According to information provided by the construction workers union section 04 of the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM) led by Martín Castillo, Sam’s and HEB type stores are contemplated in Altamira.

“We know that an HEB and a Sam’s are coming to Altamira taking advantage of the development of the municipality, without a doubt this year it is the municipality that is receiving the most private work, there is a Marriott hotel pending that is expected to begin construction soon, in addition to a couple of shopping malls.”

These openings are added to those scheduled for 2024 of Sam’s Club in Cancun and Aguascalientes.

More jobs in construction

The arrival of these commercial projects generates jobs in construction with the employment of truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, painters and bricklayers.

Therefore, I estimate that of the more than 10 thousand workers in the industry, 85% are employed, that is, 8,500 are working.

“It will be very attractive to open these stores and to employ a greater part of the workers in these stores with people from the region, both in industries and warehouses that are being built, as well as in the parks to receive more companies.”

Regarding public works, he stressed that in the case of Tampico, as a union they are participating in the ISSSTE Hospital.

“Local people are busy and with people who come from outside, a work that was done at forced marches, they resorted to bringing personnel from Puebla, the state of Mexico, Morelia, in the area there are more than 400 people working there.”

Castillo stressed that this second semester will see greater job growth, in Tampico the start of private works is pending, such as the one in Punta Loma in its civil works stage, and a couple of buildings in Faja de Oro and the northern area by the dividing line, car dealerships.

There is good investment movement in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas, along with the arrival of Sam’s Club and HEB that will expand their presence in Altamira this year.

Source: elsoldetampico