1,309 foreign visitors will be able to witness the elections in Mexico.

This is the electoral process with the highest number of requests from foreign visitors since 1994.

As part of the Federal Electoral Process (PEF) and concurrent elections for 2023-2024, the National Electoral Institute (INE) received 1,355 requests from foreign visitors to observe the elections in the national territory. This represents the highest number of requests since 1994 when foreign participation in Mexican elections began.

Out of the total requests, 1,309 (96.6%) were accredited after meeting the requirements set by the General Council, while 46 requests (3.4%) were rejected. The rejections included 42 cases where complete documentation was not submitted within the established deadlines, two cases of non-compliance with signature criteria specified by the General Council, and two cases where individuals were recognized as Mexican citizens according to the Constitution.

Of the 1,309 accredited individuals, 569 are women (43.5%) and 740 are men (56.5%). By continent, 1,096 (83.7%) are from the Americas, 163 (12.5%) from Europe, 25 (1.9%) from Africa, 17 (1.3%) from Asia, and eight (0.6%) from Oceania.

A total of 63 countries are represented among the foreign visitors, and for the first time, Mexico will have visitors from Montenegro, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

The missions with the highest number of accredited individuals are as follows:

– Organization of American States: 100

– Global Alliance of Young Politicians: 94

– United States Embassy in Mexico: 76

– Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL): 41

– World Network of Young Politicians: 37

– SEMBER: 37

– Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (UNIORE): 31

– Canadian Embassy in Mexico: 21

– Guatemalan Congress: 18

– Honduran Congress: 18

– Leading Legal Initiatives: 17

– Electoral Transparency: 16

– British Embassy in Mexico: 14

– DISENSO Foundation: 10

– Union of Youth for the Development of Haitian Culture: 10

Compared to previous electoral processes, the number of accredited individuals has increased by 31.2% compared to 2018 when the INE received 932 requests. It has also increased by 46% when compared to the 2021 elections, during which 623 requests were received. The year with the highest number of foreign visitors observing elections was 1994, with 953 requests.

From 1994 to 2024, the electoral authority has received 8,080 accreditation requests from individuals representing 117 different nations. Out of these, 7,797 have been validated, and 283 have been rejected.”

Source: Central Electoral INE