Cultural and awareness activities are being prepared for Pride Month in Guadalajara.

The Secretary of Culture emphasized the importance of creating spaces where this population can be included without discrimination and, above all, respecting their rights. As part of the LGBTQ+ Pride Month commemoration, the Jalisco Secretariat of Culture announced various artistic and awareness activities throughout June.

Lourdes González, the Secretary of Culture in Jalisco, expressed gratitude to the many individuals from civil organizations who have contributed to the visibility and construction of diversity. She highlighted the government’s support for these efforts, emphasizing that everyone should feel proud to live in Jalisco.

During June, various activities will take place, including the Men in Pink Tights performance by the Males on Point company at the Bollado Theater and the Center for Culture and Arts in La Rivera. This dance and comedy show challenges hegemonic masculinity norms.

Other entities joining the celebrations include the Secretariat for Gender Equality between Women and Men, Guadalajara Pride, and the Directorate of Sexual Diversity.

As for diverse activities in Guadalajara, they involve using urban spaces for workshops, training, awareness, and showcasing different expressions within the community. Additionally, on June 15, the GDL Pride parade will take place from La Minerva roundabout to the Instituto Cultural Cabañas esplanade. This year, in honor of Guadalajara’s 100th anniversary, the parade promises an important spectacle along the route, starting from López Mateos, going down Hidalgo, crossing the calzada, and reaching the Cabañas esplanade.

Source: Milenio