Guanajuato expects 4,000 visitors during Wine Week in León

With these visitors, the state will be positioning itself as one of the favorite destinations for wine lovers.

Wine Week 2024, taking place from June 4 to 9 in the city of León, Guanajuato, is expected to receive 4,000 visitors from the country and abroad, as stated by the Secretary of Tourism, Juan José Álvarez Brunel. This event offers a great variety of activities for visitors.

“We are expecting around 4,000 visitors for this wine week,” he declared.

With these 4,000 visitors, the state will be positioning itself as one of the preferred destinations for wine lovers and their derivatives. Although this number of festival attendees is estimated, it would not be surprising to receive even more visitors.

Álvarez Brunel highlighted the importance of the wine sector in the state’s tourism, as the implementation and realization of this congress and the Brussels World Contest are strengthening ties in these sectors, in addition to the tourist attraction it generates.

“The tourism sector becomes an integrating factor, so this congress leads us in that direction, and then there is the Brussels World Contest, the tasting of more than 7,500 labels from around the world, of which, about 10 percent, around 750, are Mexican, and of those, 117 are from Guanajuato. We are in the spotlight with Guanajuato in mind for this Brussels World Contest,” he explained.

He emphasized that within the program, these activities are an opportunity to showcase what is happening in the state in terms of wine, recognizing the effort and work of the sector.

Juan José Álvarez Brunel asserted that these activities will benefit the state, as they manage to highlight the work done by all sectors, in addition to positioning the entity as a point of interest for national and foreign tourists.

Finally, he expressed that, in addition to being a benefit for tourism and economic spill, this is an opportunity to highlight the work and products of the wine area, taking them to other countries to generate a positioning.

What activities will Wine Week 2024 in León have?

One of the activities of Wine Week 2024 will be the Brussels World Contest (CMB), which is the most important competition globally and will be held outside the European continent for the first time, this year taking place at the León MX District venue.

Similarly, the second edition of the Vive el Vino festival will be celebrated, with the intention of promoting the vineyards and wine producers in Guanajuato, as well as the third Vitivinicultural Congress.

On June 8 at the Poliforum León facilities, an attempt will be made to break the record for the world’s largest wine glass, using an acrylic glass with a thickness of 6 centimeters and an approximate weight of 1.3 kilos, which will be filled with more than 4,500 liters of wine from 59 vineyards in Mexico, of which 20 are from Guanajuato.

Source: Telediario