Water crisis in Puebla increases price of water bottles from purifiers

Not only the water shortage affects purifiers, but also the high cost of the liquid that absorbs their profits.

The water shortage in Puebla during the first six months of 2024 has reached the establishments of the water purifiers, this means that the supply takes up to two days, affecting their production and, consequently, raising the price of each jug by two to three pesos.

In an interview with TELEDIARIO, Gregorio de La Rosa, who has a water purifier, said that due to the shortage of the liquid, the water trucks take longer to supply this main input for his business.

“The situation is that the trucks take a long time to supply the liquid, they take four to five hours to load and we have to wait up to two days for us to have the water,” he said.
The tenant pointed out that because there is a shortage of the liquid, the price has increased for them, this represents an investment of 600 additional pesos in each truck.

This has caused the price of each jug to increase, something that has upset his customers, because for housewives it affects their economy.

Although he said that his sales have increased due to the recent heat waves, this is not reflected in his income, because the increase in the water tanker rate absorbs these profits.

“Sales have increased by 30 or 40 percent, but it is useless if the water tanker is costing me 600 pesos and they have already warned us that it will continue to increase because there is no liquid, and I am only increasing it by two or three pesos; the customers are unhappy, but I cannot continue with the same rate,” he said.

The owner of the establishment explained that global warming is affecting them, since there is no balance in their income and expenses.

He added that due to the lack of water, he has chosen not to open his store some days because there is not enough water to refill the jugs and put them on sale.

Source: telediario