The entry of a tropical cyclone into the southern part of Tamaulipas is not ruled out: specialist

Meteorologist Alexander G. Dadderio points out that the change that is generated could be very drastic for the area.

Will months of intense drought come to an end? This scenario could be a reality and even very drastically if the weather conditions continue on the course they are leading at the moment, says a specialist.

Meteorologist Alexander García Dadderio reported this afternoon that the dry air that remains in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas prevents the entry of precipitation, a situation that could change due to the forecast of significant humidity coming from the Gulf of Mexico that can cause rain due to an anomaly of precipitable water.

“It means that it is more loaded than it should be for these dates. Precipitable water is practically water vapor but it is how much water can fall with that water vapor; not all water vapor causes rain.”

Drastic changes are expected

Dadderio says that if there is dry air or drought in the area, which will continue for a few more days, there is a high rate of intense rain for the southern area.

“From having dry air, which is the drought we are still experiencing and which will continue in the coming days, to having high levels of precipitable water that translates into significant intense rains, we will go from drought to significant rains in a very drastic way.”

Hurricane Alberto?

After a series of speculations about the arrival of a hurricane to the southern part of the state, the meteorologist announced that although the first of the season will be called Alberto, there is currently none formed, and much less is the path it will follow known.

However, after several months of a severe drought in the southern part of Tamaulipas, the arrival of a tropical cyclone from the Gulf of Mexico could be a reality. He points out that two phenomena from the Gulf are even expected, one of them would head towards Alabama, or Florida, United States, but it is not the one mentioned on social networks, nor is it expected in the coming days.

Heavy rainy season

The rainy season is also expected to bring a lot of water, as a lot of rainfall is expected at least during the summer, so we can say that it is already approaching.

“It will be the year of recovery, one of the rainiest years in recent years, or at least the summer. It is not ruled out that a tropical cyclone could enter the central and southern areas of Tamaulipas, and even the north of Veracruz. However, the meteorologist assures, “the uncertainty is very high.”

Source: milenio