History Hall Rehabilitated in Querétaro

Revitalization of the historical space in the Historical Archive

Querétaro, Qro., June 10, 2024.- The Chief Executive Officer of the State has completed a comprehensive rehabilitation of the Hall of History, an emblematic space located in the Historical Archive of Querétaro, which previously functioned as the Government Palace. This hall is especially significant for housing 20 murals that narrate episodes of the history of Querétaro in the national context.

The Chief Officer, Mario Ramírez Retolaza, personally supervised the work carried out, which included the change of light fixtures, the polishing and varnishing of the balcony doors and the wooden floor, as well as the painting of ironwork. These improvements seek to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of this venue that, with nearly 47 years of history, has been the scene of congresses, conferences, exhibitions and other events of cultural and political relevance.

The rehabilitation of the Hall of History ensures that it continues to be a meeting point and a place for reflection on the past and future of Querétaro, contributing to the cultural and educational enrichment of residents and visitors.

Source: cronicaregional