LGBTQ+ community takes to the streets to defend their rights

In a large celebration, the LGBTQ+ community took to the streets of the tourist area of ​​Cabo San Lucas to put an end to the violence they experience; in addition to demanding that their rights be respected

Comunidad en la Marcha del Orgulllo LGTB en Los Cabos

In a party full of colors, floats and music, the LGBTQ+ community of Los Cabos took to the streets of the tourist area of ​​Cabo San Lucas to carry out the “Historic LGBT Pride March Los Cabos”

With around 12,000 attendees, including companies, associations and society in general, they joined together with one voice to demand that their rights be respected, to put an end to the violence and discrimination that the community experiences in the different spaces where they seek to develop socially, said in an interview for the media, Raúl Pérez, president of Codisex Los Cabos A.C.

“This year, apart from the collectives and civil society, many companies are joining. Companies like Boca Morada, Four Seasons, National Rent a Car; there are around 15 companies that decided to adopt this commitment. One of the things that I liked the most is that we have been able to talk face to face about the violence that we experience, the discrimination and how many work spaces continue to be unsafe for LGBTQ+ communities.”

During the march, the LGBT+ community paid tribute to Judge Osciel Baena and all those who have fought to defend the rights of minorities.

“It is one of the most violent years in Mexico against LGBTQ+ populations and obviously there are many people who are visible like Osciel and Dorian today. At the time they were murdered. But how many people are in focus, they do not have that visibility; they are not even known.”

Codisex Los Cabos stressed that work will continue to ensure that both institutions and society recognize the rights of the LGBTQ+ Community, which have historically been the most violated and undermined.

Source: tribunademexico