Displaced families return to Tila in Chiapas


Displaced families from this Chiapas municipality began to return gradually, after reaching an agreement with authorities from the three levels of government, who agreed to guarantee social programs and maintain health caravans, in addition to security for families.

On June 26, a commission of 20 people (representatives of each neighborhood) agreed that families would return to their homes gradually while the Army, National Guard and state preventive police will maintain patrols in the streets of Tila.

Likewise, there will be reinstallation of electricity for homes that had been suspended by the Los Autónomos group, the same will happen with water service and other services to the population.

As a result of fights between two antagonistic groups, houses and vehicles were burned, three people were murdered, so that on June 7 more than 4,800 people fled due to violence.

It is estimated that almost 40% of the people who fled have returned so far, according to representatives of the displaced, who after the meeting on June 26th prepared to organize for the safe return of the families.

Governor Rutilio Escandón Cadenas reported that the return of the families is daily and affirmed that there are guarantees for their return.

Religious activities have even begun in Tila. Likewise, joint actions between the people and the government continue to maintain peace in Tila, he concluded.

Source: imagenradio