Discover the Charms of Ajijic, the New Magical Town of Jalisco

The colorful streets and peaceful atmosphere make this town a favorite destination for visitors to rest and retire.

Located at the foot of the mountains and bathed by the beautiful Lake Chapala, the Magical Town of Ajijic in the state of Jalisco is a wonderful destination full of spectacular landscapes.

Lake Chapala (considered the longest lake in Mexico) is home to the ninth Magical Town of Jalisco: Ajijic, this title was awarded in 2020 and since that moment, the culture, gastronomy, traditions and natural spaces of this site have enchanted millions of visitors who return year after year to enjoy the charming vibe that surrounds it.

The region where this charming Jalisco town is located enjoys a pleasant climate that is combined with picturesque landscapes and beautiful views. Thanks to this, it is a very popular destination among locals and national and foreign visitors. The origin of its name comes from the Nahuatl language and means “place surrounded by water”, a perfect description for Ajijic.

What to do in Ajijic?

A must-see stop in the area of the lake that houses Ajijic is without a doubt the brand-new boardwalk where the selfies are from another world, thanks to the beautiful views resulting from the wonderful landscape that can be seen from this place.

An excellent plan is to take a boat ride or sit on one of the benches to contemplate the formidable view that the lake offers. The sunrises and sunsets are a visual gem.

On weekends, musical shows by local groups and colorful folk dances are organized, and you can also use the sports spaces dedicated to basketball or skateboarding.

A place for cultural tourism

To complete the visit to this Magical Town, the Museum of Arts (AMA) is another must-see in this place. In the exhibition rooms, exhibitions are held every month with the works of guest artists, there are also book presentations and painting workshops for children, young people and adults, among other activities.

There is also art in the colorful streets of the municipality. “The Wall of the Dead”, the work of artist Efrén González and located at 2-12 Marcos Castellanos Street, is a tribute to all the inhabitants of Ajijic who have contributed throughout their lives to improving the image and condition of this Magic Town. The dozens of skulls framed in clay invite you to reflect on the thin line that divides life and death.

Next to the boardwalk there are a large number of restaurants where you can delight your palate with a seafood cocktail or roast meat; art galleries, cafes and shops where you can buy beautiful crafts and local products made by inhabitants of the region, such as typical clothing, woven napkins, necklaces, dream catchers, paintings, drinks and liquors.

This beautiful Magical Town is only an hour and a half away by car from the capital of Jalisco, but it is undoubtedly a trip that is worth every second it takes to get there.

Source: Publimetro