Meetings & Conventions Tourism Industry will leave a profit of more than 5 billion pesos in Sinaloa

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The head of Sectur estimated that with the holding of more than 100 events in the entity, 1.6 million visitors arrived
Events held in the city leave great economic benefits.

Sinaloa will close 2023 very successfully in the Meetings Industry segment, with the holding of more than 100 events throughout the state that left an economic impact of more than 5 billion pesos, revealed Estrella Palacios Domínguez.

The Secretary of Tourism stated that the holding of events represented more than 1.6 million visitors to the state, who participated in conventions, business meetings, congresses, sporting events, fairs, and commercial exhibitions.

Palacios Domínguez indicated that this is a segment in which extensive work will continue, seeking to consolidate Sinaloa as an ideal destination for the Meetings Industry.

“The people who participate have a high level of expenses and the events can be held at any time of the year, which allows mobility to the municipalities beyond the holiday seasons,” she said.

Palacios Dominguez recalled that events such as Expoceres Agro in Los Mochis; Expo Agro and Balloon Festival in Culiacán, and the Troka and Motorcycle Week in Mazatlán were massive, bringing together thousands of people at the destinations, or international events, such as the 29th Convention of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association that brought together to the senior managers of the shipping companies.

She mentioned that Sinaloa already has several very well-positioned sporting events such as the Culiacán and Mazatlán marathons, the Mazatlán Cups in their different disciplines, or the Ciclotour that took place just last weekend.

She added that from Sectur Sinaloa this year more than 15 applications were made for congresses and conventions to be held in the state in 2024.

The head of Sectur added that just last November 28, the governor announced the investment of 100 million pesos for the construction of the Culiacán Convention Center, which is intended to give more visibility to the destination in this segment, highlighting its vocation as a business destination.

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