Workers from the Sinaloa Ministry of Public Education and Culture protest in Culiacán

Sinaloa Ministry of Public Education and Culture reaches an agreement with dissatisfied workers.

After the Ministry facilities were taken for several hours, an agreement was reached.

After several hours of demonstration by administrative workers from the Ministry of Public Education and Culture, an agreement was reached with the protesters.

Through a statement, Sepyc acknowledged the error in the payroll calculations, which had the workers upset; However, the agency clarified what happened and assured that the missing amount would be returned in January.

On the morning of Tuesday, December 12, the Sepyc facilities were taken, closing Pedro Infante Boulevard, to express their disagreement with a discount of 5 thousand pesos corresponding to the adjustment of the Welfare Average, which they received others because of poorly done calculations.

The workers expressed that they had not been informed about an extra amount that had been deposited, which is why they considered the discount to be an injustice without having “a legal basis.”

Source: OEM

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