The appearance of crocodiles on Vallarta beaches continues to surprise

Crocodiles can be seen with the naked eye, even near the beaches where bathers enjoy themselves in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta remains one of the favorite destinations of the tapatíos and tapatías when it comes to celebrating, so during Christmas and New Year, it looks full of tourists who admire its natural landscapes and everything extraordinary that it shows, including the crocodiles in their habitat.

Only that this exhibition of crocodiles is no longer limited to estuaries and specific places, but they can be seen with the naked eye, even near the beaches where bathers enjoy themselves in this holiday period of the end of the year.

Yes, the crocodiles seem to recover their spaces, after the expansion of the urban sprawl of Puerto Vallarta and wherever, in the municipality, they have seen specimens appear that leave the visitors astonished.

Such is the case of the mouth of the Cuale River, south of the port, where on the shores of the beach several crocodiles appear regularly, who, as if they knew what it was about, show themselves swimming or sunbathing, so that tourists photograph them and comment with fear how amazing they are.

Traders of the place point out that, sometimes, up to two or three crocodiles appear at the same time; which makes the show even more amazing.

It is common for crocodiles to appear in the rainy season, because the levels of the rivers increase, which facilitates their transfer from one place to another; what surprises is that they continue to do so in the middle of winter.

There have been several appearances of these animals, especially to the south of the bay, beyond the crocodile beaches, those places where they are common to observe them and that are well identified by the authorities.

Source: Informador