What was the most visited site in Mexico in 2023?

The National Institute of Anthropology and History revealed which were the most visited sites in this 2023

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) revealed that the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá was positioned as the most visited site this year in Mexico, as at the end of last November it received 2 million 70 thousand 50 visitors.

In second place is Teotihuacán, in the State of Mexico, with one million 637 thousand 369, and in third place Tulum, with one million 173 thousand 383 people, according to the statistics of visitors of the INAH.

They were followed by Monte Albán, with a site museum in Oaxaca, which received 414 thousand 272; El Tajín, in Veracruz, with 325 thousand 789; Palenque, with museum “Alberto Ruz L´Huiller”, in Chiapas, with 324 thousand 235, Tepozteco, in Morelos, with 240 thousand 297; Uxmal, in Yucatán, 239 thousand 162, and Ek Balam, also in Yucatán, with 164 thousand 399 and Chacchobén, in Quintana Roo, with 160 thousand 464.

The agency declared that in November last year Chichén Itzá received 79.35 percent of visitors in the areas of Yucatán, with 223 thousand 337, in second place, Uxmal and its site museum with 26 thousand 75 and Ek Balam with 12 thousand 735.

Also, the ruins of Dzibilchaltún with museum of the Maya People, 4 thousand 972; Kabah, 4 thousand 280 and Izamal, 2 thousand 8, and Xcambó with one thousand 608.

Source: Informador