Neighbors of San Joaquín, in Mazatlán, begin 2024 with their streets well illuminated by LED lamps

The mayor Edgar González affirms that his government plans to illuminate 100 more settlements this year

With better lit streets with LED lamps, thanks to the Public Lighting Replacement program of the municipal government, the inhabitants of the San Joaquín subdivision started this 2024, after the mayor Édgar González Zataráin delivered them the remodeling.

The municipal president officially lit the new LED lamps that were installed in the settlement on Tuesday night, and recalled that they closed 2023 with the change of public lighting in 100 places in Mazatlán among colonies, subdivisions, syndicates and commissaries.

He added that for this 2024 they plan to reach 200 housing spaces, and they started in San Joaquín.

The goal is to renew 100 percent of the public lighting of the municipality, a historical work that has never been done in the locality.

“I want to make that commitment, we are not going to crack, we are going to be punctually fulfilling that, but I do want to make it clear that we have a good government team that works from very early and until very night, and that like many colonies that expect results from the government, just like many of you it already arrived, they were waiting a long time and their time came and now pure good things for San Joaquín ”.

González Zatarain congratulated the neighbors of the place for this work and assured that he will continue working with enthusiasm and committed to this subdivision.

The representative of the neighbors of the lighting committee in the San Joaquín subdivision, Mayra Alejandra Hernández Arias , in charge of welcoming the authorities, thanked the mayor for the renovation of the public lighting, since several streets were in the dark.

 “First of all, we thank you for being here to listen to our requests so that everything can be achieved,” he said.

The director of Public Services Karla Camacho Guzmán added that through the Public Lighting Replacement Program by LED, 178 new 80 Watt lamps were installed and 480 meters of wiring that was stolen in several sections were replaced, so she asked the inhabitants to be attentive to avoid theft and report any incident to 911.

Source: Linea Directa