Is the Tepoztlán 2024 carnival at risk?

Abdiel Guerrero Rojas, from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, warns about the possible cancellation of the 2024 Carnival in Tepoztlán

The coordinator of Tourism Development of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (STyC), headed by Abdiel Guerrero Rojas, urged the authorities of Tepoztlán to regulate the sale of alcohol in the municipality, in response to the complaints of the citizens and the possible cancellation of the 2024 carnival.

“What we have always done is to urge the municipality to take responsibility for this situation, as far as it does, first of all, to the part of the permits (for alcohol sales) because they are the first instance that ends up delivering these authorizations”.

After the complaints of the population about the indiscriminate sale of alcoholic beverages in the municipality, and that worsens in the carnival, the state official stated that the carnivals cannot lose the essence of what they are: patron saint festivals that are part of the culture of each municipality and Morelos, as an attraction for tourism.

“Carnivals today can no longer be losing the cultural identity of what they represent. They are a patron saint festival, so, when you end up giving it this focus, the identity of the state is what the tourist comes to see the traditions that Morelos has”.

He added that, given the possible cancellation of the carnival in the magical town of Tepoztlán, he mentioned that the Executive will provide the necessary support that is required, although for now the mayor has only approached the State Public Security Commission (CES).

He pointed out that the relevant work is constantly carried out to continue with the appointment of a magical town, for which, he called on the municipality to continue with the relevant work as one of the main tourist attractions of the entity.

In this sense, he said that one of the points that the municipalities must comply with is the issue of commerce, particularly in the first square.

“What we least want is for it to lose the record, because, besides, to lose it you have to do a re-evaluation that is done constantly, annually or, let’s say, every two years, and in those dynamics you have to comply. If there are some very important parameters focused on the part of sales and the first squares”, he concluded.

Source: El Sol de Cuarnavaca