When will they finish the last section of the short route to Vallarta?

The short route from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta is a project that has been built in sections and deadlines for more than 10 years

The short route from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta is a project that has been built in sections and deadlines for more than 10 years. The new highway was designed to connect the Jalisco capital with the most famous beach tourist destination of the Entity, in a short period of time, but with an increase in toll rates. But the work has had some difficulties that have delayed its full implementation.

Last year, in April, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) put into operation the stretch Entronque La Florida-Entronque La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, of 30.8 kilometers, which allows travelers to save 40 minutes on their journey.

Before, in December 2022, the Capomo-La Florida stretch, of 23.6 kilometers, came into operation, which connects Las Varas with the Entronque 692, an area of important tourist destinations, with the Entronque Florida, which enables vehicles that circulate a reduction of 15 minutes.

With this, two sections of this highway are in operation since last year and add up to 54.4 kilometers, which allows users a decrease of 55 minutes in their journey. But it also increases the cost for travelers as they are quota sections.

When will the last stretch be ready?

However, for many users the question is: When will the stretch of the short route that will avoid entering the curves of the mountain area of Highway 200 be ready?

Despite the new sections, and even taking them as a road, there is a route that is inevitable for drivers who want to reach the toll highway towards Puerto Vallarta, it is the route between Compostela and Las Varas, in Nayarit, a complicated area that forces the entry to a mountainous area full of curves and only two lanes, one per way.

Jorge Nuño Lara, secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, declared in the “morning” conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador yesterday, that the missing stretch to Puerto Vallarta, from Compostela to Las Varas, Nayarit; will enter into operation in next April. Originally, it had been reported that this route would be completed by early 2024.

This route consists of 31 kilometers and has had setbacks in its work due to the release of rights of way and the obtaining of environmental permits.

The first stretch from Jala to Compostela, of 54 kilometers, came into operation in April 2017, although it registered delays and has continuous landslides.

In fact, the stretch from Compostela to Las Varas is not the last of the short route, since another stretch is under construction, of 32.2 kilometers, which will reduce the travel time by 25 minutes, which will connect the Entronque San Vicente directly with the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta.

Tolls from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta

El Arenal     193 pesos

Plan de Barrancas  288 pesos

Amado Nervo        155 pesos

Compostela 41 pesos

La Peñita     94 pesos

Bucerías      223 pesos

That is, in total, including the new sections, the cost of toll payment for the highway amounts to 994 pesos. In such a way that if you plan your round trip, you would spend 1988 pesos to go and come to Puerto Vallarta.

There is the possibility of taking the Federal Highway 200 after Compostela and not taking the two new sections, which save you time, but increase the price; so you could save 317

Source: El Informador