BBQ Boy and Spanky interview Rusell Blake about “Retirement Secrets in Mexico”

It’s rare that I get to interview bestselling authors.

Russell is pretty much famous, having sold over 4 million books worldwide in the fiction genre. But he’s also an expert on Mexico and wrote “Retirement Secrets of Mexico” which covers everything you need to know about retiring in Mexico.

But this is much more than about the book. Russell tells us all the reasons he left the USA for Mexico. He also tells us what people don’t understand – and should know – about Mexico.

A great read below.

Name:   Russell Blake
Country of Origin:   USA
Number of years in Mexico: 17

Hi Russell! Can you please tell us about yourself? How did you end up deciding that you wanted to leave the US and live in Mexico?

I am a serial entrepreneur who sold his medical company in the US back around 2004 and decided I didn’t want to live in the U.S. any longer for a host of reasons…

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