After several hours of closure, the Durango-Mazatlán is now open

A rollover of a fuel truck kept the pass closed for 17 hours. The notice was given on Friday, January 26th, through social networks.

CONCORDIA, DURANGO._ The National Highway Guard reported that the Durango-Mazatlán highway was opened to traffic in both directions, after being closed for 17 hours as a result of an accident.

The prolonged closure was due to the overturning of a trailer with two tankers loaded with gasoline, where the tractor-trailer and a tanker were left lying down and obstructing both lanes of the superhighway, while the second tanker fell into a ravine and caught fire.

Emergency groups controlled the fire but for the safety of motorists, passage was prevented in both directions due to the latent danger represented by the overturned tanker loaded with fuel.

The maneuvers to transfer the fuel by specialized personnel and then the maneuvers to drag the container and the overturned tractor-trailer lasted throughout the day and part of the night, until vehicular traffic was freed in both directions.

Source: Noroeste

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