Discover the World of Wine of San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo, we will tell you details

There are 10 vineyards between San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo; most of them with their own labels and various presentations of different types of grapes; some even with international awards for their quality. In addition, most of them offer complete experiences, from tours, tastings, full meals and pairings.

In San Miguel de Allende there are four vineyards: Toyán, Dos Búhos, Viñedos San Miguel and San José la Vista

Toyán was the first one to be installed in the municipality, it is located at kilometer 8 of the road to Querétaro. It opens from Monday to Saturday and among its attractions is its cellar buried 14 meters deep and its medieval hall. They specialize in organic wine in 4 labels and can be purchased with costs ranging from $450 to 1,500 pesos per bottle.

Toyán: Image of the buried cellar and the medieval hall. Photo: Roberto López

A few meters away is the Dos Búhos vineyard, almost in front of Los Picachos and also offers tours, tastings and a restaurant open to the public. It has labels of red, white, sparkling and even an orange reserve 2021, which costs 990 pesos. The most expensive bottle is a red aglianico that costs $1,200 pesos; the cheapest is a rosé that costs 540 pesos per bottle.

At the exit to Celaya, 15 minutes from the center, is Viñedo San Miguel, a complex on the roadside that has a high winery, shop and restaurant. It is one of the brands with the most internationally awarded labels. It has 19 gold medals, 1 grand gold, 9 silver and 4 bronze, with reserves from 2016 to 2023.

Viñedos San Francisco and San Lucas: International medals and awards. Photo: Roberto López

Also, at the exit to Guanajuato, after the La Cieneguita bridge, is the San José de la Vista vineyard, owned by the family of singer Mariana Seoane. It offers visits, accommodation, restaurant, rental for special events (weddings have been very popular in this space).

They have three types of white wines, two sparkling and six reds, with prices ranging from $420 to $1,140 pesos per bottle.

Dos Búhos: Photograph of the vineyard with views of Los Picachos. Photo: Roberto López

On the road between San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo there are two vineyards, both in the territory of the Cradle of National Independence. The first is Tres Raíces, in Tequisquiapan ejido, one of the newest in the area (it opened its doors in 2018); it offers space for events, tour of the barrels, hotel and restaurant.

It has bottles of $190 pesos for the summer red, up to $1,140 for the grand reserve red. There are also whites, rosés and sparklings. Its online store offers 3X2 on some labels.

Cuna de Tierra: International medals and awarded labels. Photo: Roberto López

Very close to the urban area of Dolores Hidalgo, still on the same road, is Santísima Trinidad, a mainly real estate development with an agricultural area composed of vineyards, olive trees and lavender, in addition to having a boutique hotel, restaurant, polo field, olive workshop, lavender workshop and winery. It has wine bottles from 450 pesos.

Near this place, but on the road from Dolores Hidalgo to San Luis de la Paz, at kilometer 11.5, is the Cuna de Tierra vineyard, the first one to arrive in Guanajuato and the one with the most medals in international competitions, with a total of 84. It offers tours, tastings, restaurant, and visit to its winery.

Santísima Trinidad: Real estate development with vineyards, olive trees and lavender. Photo: Roberto López

Its prices range from $225 to 1,200 pesos per bottle. They have packages with promotions on the purchase of 6 bottles and they also make and sell olive oil.

The Archangels is another recent vineyard, located on the Dolores Hidalgo to San Diego de la Unión road, with a boutique hotel, restaurant, guided tours and tastings. Its wine has the appealing name of “Siren’s Song” and they offer from a rosé for $500 pesos to a red Cabernet Franc for $800 pesos.

Explore the wine richness of San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo with these 10 vineyards that offer tastings. Photo: Roberto López

The San Bernardino hacienda is already in the urban area of Dolores, very close to the La Central ranch and offers spa, restaurant, lodging. Its most expensive bottle costs $550 pesos.

On the road that goes to Xoconostle, there is Viña del Gran Padre, with 5 labels that were baptized with the name of “Mexi” and cost $650 for the white and $750 for the reds. It does not yet have visits to the vineyard, but its website announces that it will be soon and they will offer Otomi pairing.

Source: Periodico Correo