Los Cabos negotiates a direct flight from Miami with several airlines

The general director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, Rodrigo Esponda, told REPORTUR that the destination connects directly with 30 US cities and added that he is working with several airlines to finalize a non-stop service from Miami, from where he receives around 4% of annual tourists.

“Today there is no direct connectivity. Tourists from Miami or Florida must go up to Dallas or Houston to get to Los Cabos. We did a calculation with the airlines and the flight would be three and a half hours. “It is one of the routes that we need the most,” he said.

The appetite of American tourism for Los Cabos has grown exponentially since 2016, becoming the primary market due to geographic proximity. “When we started eight years ago we had 15 US cities on the West side and little by little it has been expanding and now we have double, including New York and the entire East side. Florida will be the next frontier,” adds Esponda.

As REPORTUR.us revealed, air connectivity is vital for Los Cabos, because in some way it works as an island, the only way to get there is by air. In addition to the routes from the USA, it is directly connected with 14 cities in Mexico and 12 cities in Canada. And it has the seasonal direct flight from Madrid. (“Los Cabos will have six new high-end hotels in 2024”)

Source: Reportur