What foods are prohibited and you will not be able to enter Mexico on your next trip

There are various foods and products that cannot enter Mexican territory in case of returning or visiting the country

Each country stipulates its own laws and regulations, so there are foods and products that are not allowed to be entered in each nation.

In the case of Mexico, there are a series of food products that are not allowed to enter the country, so in case of returning to the country after a trip or when visiting, it is important to know the foods that will not be possible to enter the Mexican territory

Foods that are prohibited from entering Mexico

The food products that cannot be entered into Mexico are:

– Fresh cheeses.

– Country-style chicken.

– Sandwiches, snacks, cakes, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas.

– Products of porcine origin and their derivatives, originating from countries with the presence of African Swine Fever, such as: ham, sausages, bacon, pork rinds, sweets with pork, raw pork, dried meat, smoked chops, precooked sausages, pork lard, pasta with pork, BBQ ribs, pork flours, pork lard, instant soup with pork, pasta with bacon bits, salami, mortadella, ham sandwich and chorizo.

– Fresh meat of any species.

– Any dairy that has been made in an artisanal way, such as milk, butter and cheese.

– Fish and seafood, this applies in the case that they are fresh or that they are artisanal.

– Alcoholic beverages, this type of products can be entered as long as they have not been manufactured in an artisanal way and that they have a clear and detailed label of the content.

– Fresh vegetables and fruits.

– Solid chocolate.

– Acitrón candy.

– Typical sweets.

– Ate.

– Sweet potato.

– Milk candy.

– Herbs and flowers, in the case of this type of products they can only enter Mexico if they are dehydrated and packaged commercially and with the seal of a health authority.

– Poultry meat: chicken, ostrich or hen is totally prohibited in its fresh or frozen presentation.

Other products that are not allowed

The National Service of Health, Safety and Agri-Food Quality (Senasica) revealed that the products that cannot enter Mexico without the owner having certain requirements are:

Plant origin

– Propagative material such as seeds, bulbs, cuttings, buds and stakes.

– Grains such as corn, beans, rice, wheat, sesame, sunflower, bean and lentil.

– Coffee and green tobacco.

– Fresh chestnuts.

Animal origin

– Balanced food for any species, except dogs and cats.

– Balanced food for dogs and cats with beef, sheep and goat; as long as, their country of origin does not have a sheet of zoosanitary requirements published in the module of consultation of requirements for importation.

– Containers with animals and remains, such as blood, feathers, bones and offal.

– Clothing and accessories for bullfighting, charrería and bull riding, when they present blood or animal tissue remains; they are allowed to enter when they are completely clean and disinfected.

– Products of homemade or artisanal elaboration.

– Live, raw and dry crustaceans.

– Aquaculture products, except fillets and fish for animal consumption.

– Live turtles.

– Fish.

– Regulated aquatic products, in poor condition, decomposed or with the presence of larvae or insects.

Source: Infobae