This is what the new shopping mall that will be built in San Luis Potosí will look like

If you are from San Luis Potosí in the area of ​​the surrounding municipalities and want to know more about this new shopping mall, here we tell you the details

Shopping malls are a place of recreation that many Mexicans choose to spend their free time, go out to eat, look for or buy items of different varieties and even in many of these spaces there are movie theaters, supermarkets and even bars or bowling alleys and ice rinks. However, here we tell you what the new shopping mall that will be built in San Luis Potosí will be like, according to El Universal San Luis Potosí.

In this sense, the shopping mall will be located in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez and aims to reactivate commercial activity and increase recreational areas, the place will be called Plaza Las Huastecas. The project also seeks to return the commercial activity known as “La Huastecas.”

Where will the new plaza of San Luis Potosí be?

Based on information from the government of the municipality of Soledad, the authorization for the construction of this project was granted on the property located next to the distributor and the Juárez roundabout, on the Matehuala highway in the Fidel Velázquez de Soledad neighborhood. The “Las Huastecas” plaza was located there and for several years there was the Gigante store that later became Soriana Hiper but in 2020 it closed and the place was left empty.

For the new shopping plaza project, the demolition of the building that is still in the area is contemplated, in addition to the parking area, which is used by some vendors to make deliveries of items. In addition to this, it is said that the current building, as well as the facade, the premises, parking lot and its common areas will be rehabilitated and a space 30% larger than the current surface will be rebuilt.

When will the new San Luis Potosí shopping plaza be ready?

Although there are no precise dates for the start of construction or operations of the new San Luis Potosí plaza, it is expected that in the remaining months of 2024 the expected work will begin, giving way to a larger, more innovative space with more premises.

Source: lasillarota