Chinese Sales Surge in Mexico

With already double-digit annual sales growth, Chinese companies are pushing hard to further increase their revenues in Mexico. This was evident this week when they filled a large part of the premises at the Transport and Logistics Suppliers Expo at Cintermex.

Here’s a sample…


It is the number one Chinese manufacturer of high-capacity forklifts, capable of moving from 16 to 50 tons, explained Eugenio Arámbura, commercial director of Capital Forklift, distributor of Socma.

“It is a forklift that is both combustion and electric, mainly used for port operations, steel mills, and internal material movement.

“We have been in Mexico for five years, with almost 100 percent annual sales growth, and with three branches in Veracruz, Puebla, and Monterrey, and the goal is to continue growing.”


China’s interest in Mexico has also reached mechanics and their workshops, as discussed by Camille Mao, manager of Langeltec Automotriz.

“We arrived in 2018 and now we have four distributors and are developing more.

“Our factory in Shanghai produces tools such as tire dismounters, paint drying lamps for cars, engine stands, and light ramps for lifting cars,” he described in fluent Spanish.

Their sales are growing at 20 percent annually, but they aim for more, he said.

Sany and Liu Gon

Truck Pro is a distributor with four branches that handles two brands from different Chinese companies.

Its director, Agustín Valero, mentioned that with the Liu Gon brand, which are front loaders, they have been in Mexico for 16 years, while for four years they have represented Sany, with heavy machinery.

“We are also launching the Sany tractor-trailer line, this is the first expo where this diesel tractor is exhibited, and later we will bring electric ones.”

Based on a 40 percent annual increase in their income, they seek to accelerate their presence and for this, Ricardo Dávalos, northern zone director of Sany, said they will open a branch in Monterrey.

JAC Forklift

Ricardo Salazar, director of SG insumos, a distributor of JAC Forklift, a subsidiary of JAC Motors, mentioned that they are one of the 10 distributors in the country with 15 branches.

This subsidiary handles electric forklifts, gasoline, diesel, and lithium electric, and their goal is to increase their presence.

“Our sales in Mexico grow between 30 and 40 percent (annually), and we want to continue opening the market in Nuevo León, that’s why this is the second time we participate here,” he said.

Source: Reforma