Discover Nayarit’s Secret: Tinajas de Santa Isabel, Natural and Crystal-Clear Pools

Nayarit hides beautiful secrets that could be the ideal destination for your next vacation, such as the Tinajas de Santa Isabel, natural and crystal-clear pools.

Are you looking for a beautiful paradise for your next vacation? In Nayarit, you will find beautiful natural and crystal-clear pools, known as the Tinajas de Santa Isabel.

The Tinajas de Santa Isabel, located in the municipality of Ahuacatlán, Nayarit, are a set of natural pools formed by waters that emerge directly from the rocks.

This rustic aquatic recreation site stands out for its natural and magical beauty, making it an ideal place to spend an afternoon with family surrounded by the lush nature of Nayarit.

How to Get to Las Tinajas de Santa Isabel

Located south of Santa Isabel and near Chapalilla, Las Tinajas are accessible after a journey that crosses a path among lush fig trees and other species typical of the mid-forest.

The beauty of the landscape makes every step of the journey a perfect opportunity to take memorable photographs that capture the essence of the Nayarit lands.

Although Las Tinajas do not have an official access control, which means they are “open” all day, it is recommended to visit them during the week. This allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the place and appreciate nature in its splendor without the crowd that usually comes on weekends.

To reach the pools, you must descend a steep staircase, so it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. In addition, it is essential to carry a bag to collect the generated trash and thus contribute to the conservation of this beautiful natural environment.

To ensure a pleasant and environmentally respectful experience, we recommend:

 – Water-resistant sandals: Ideal for walking through the rocky area and moving easily.

 – Swim cap: Not mandatory, but it helps protect your hair from the water.

 – Biodegradable sunscreen: To protect your skin without harming the ecosystem.

 – Mosquito repellent: Apply constantly to avoid bites.

 – Clean and fresh towel: To dry off and rest comfortably.

What to Do at Las Tinajas?

In addition to swimming in the crystal-clear pools, Las Tinajas offer a perfect environment for other aquatic activities such as snorkeling and underwater exploration, taking advantage of the water’s transparency.

The biodiversity of the area is also an attraction for nature lovers who can observe various species of flora and fauna.

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