National Guard entered the neighborhood of León minutes before the massacre: “they took things” | VIDEO

On the night of June 9, a tragedy occurred in the Industrial district in the city of León, Guanajuato when six people, including two minors, lost their lives in a brutal armed attack.

Minutes before the massacre, the security cameras of the neighborhood located at Pénjamo Street #405 captured disturbing images that are now under scrutiny.

National Guard caught entering the neighborhood before the massacre

At 20:58 hours, a surveillance camera located on the side of the neighborhood recorded the arrival of five National Guard elements. The officers approached on foot from the opposite corner, without the official vehicle..

In the video, two of the elements moved ahead, followed by a third who was carrying an apparent empty black bag in his hands. Two other elements closed the march. Before entering, they briefly stopped, waiting for a neighbor from the adjacent house to enter his home. Then, the five elements entered the neighborhood, where they remained for approximately 20 minutes.

The security cameras recorded the National Guard elements again at 21:17 hours, when they began to leave the neighborhood one by one. This time, they carried the black bag, which now seemed to contain objects inside. A car passed by during this time but did not pay attention to the guards’ movements. The five elements crossed the street and vanished at the corner, out of the camera’s reach.

What do the authorities say?

The governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, has demanded a thorough investigation into the National Guard’s involvement in these events.

“It cannot be that they are entering homes without a search warrant. We must investigate what relationship they have with what happened minutes later and review what they took from the house since the survivors indicated that they took a black bag with belongings,” declared the governor.

Rodríguez Vallejo also expressed his concern about the performance of the National Guard, noting that in Guanajuato, several cases of entry into homes without search warrants have been documented.

“It is crucial that in addition to tactical training, the elements receive training in human rights and respect for the law. The authority, whatever it may be, cannot bother citizens without a judicial order,” he added.

The images captured by the security cameras have raised serious doubts about the role of the National Guard in the events that preceded the massacre in the Industrial district of León.

The investigation requested by Governor Diego Sinhue will be fundamental to clarify these facts and restore confidence in an institution that was created to replace the federal police, perceived as corrupt. The community is waiting for answers and concrete actions to ensure that justice prevails and the rights of citizens are protected.”

Source: Milenio