Durango will be cooler, cleaner and more orderly with the new Urban Development Plan

It will help the large family to have more dignified living conditions and orderly growth.

Toño Ochoa gives the large family certainty that when acquiring a property there are conditions to access basic services.
Durango, Dgo.

The large Durango family will have a better quality of life with the creation of the Urban Development Program for the municipality of Durango 2040, since it will establish the bases to achieve an orderly growth, with legal certainty and guarantee that all settlements will have water, electricity and drainage.

This was highlighted by Toño Ochoa when recalling that, thanks to its level of planning and interest in sustainability, Durango won the support of Infonavit and UN Habitat, to create the program.

The director of Urban Development, Norma Miramontes Ayala, announced that this week they will begin the work tables with representatives of all sectors as part of the authorization process, which will give way to the last stage of socialization and approval.

In the last two years, the urban area has grown by around 3 thousand hectares, “that is why we must be very responsible, especially in the water supply, since the issue can become complicated,” emphasized Miramontes Ayala.

He assured that a general strategy is being proposed to know where the city is growing, which must always be based on the supply and sanitation of natural resources, work in which the Municipal Planning Institute also collaborates.

Source: lavozdedurango