Clandestine Grave Found in One of the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Guadalajara

Localizan una Fosa Clandestina en una de las Colonias Más Peligrosas de Guadalajara

The group “Corazones Unidos en Busca de Nuestros Tesoros” entered this area in the company of elements of the National Guard.

Next to the train tracks and in an abandoned house they found two skeletons and a body buried.

There are two skeletons and bones of the parts and there is another body. The boy apparently is from Tlajomulco because his INE was found and his brother came now and confirmed that he is his brother, he is approximately 28-29 years old.

This is how they found the Clandestine Grave in Pueblo Quieto
It was around 4 pm on Sunday that the group informed the personnel of the prosecutor’s office of the burial point, but it was not until 9 pm that the work was done to be able to extract the corpses and the body that was located.

What they are telling us is that they will only remove what is visible, so we are upset and indignant because it does not seem fair to us, that we are still doing our job, they still behave like this and only remove what is visible, so if it is not visible, they will leave the rest there

According to the anonymous report that the group “Corazones Unidos en Busca de Nuestros Tesoros” received, the bones could be those of a man and a woman.

Source: nmas