Industrialists are concerned about the insecurity on roads and highways in Jalisco

The industrialists of Jalisco no longer find a way to move their products. At least before, they had a slightly safer way on the toll highways, but now thefts from cargo transportation also affect those roads.
The coordinator of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco César Castro indicates that associates are asked to travel during the day and to be alert to possible outbreaks of violence such as those that have occurred in Ocotlán and Teocaltiche.
“Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know where a problem is going to start because unfortunately at the national level, you see that the robberies, the roads, there is definitely a lack of more security.”
The industrial leader indicated that merchandise thefts have also been recorded when the trailers barely left the customs area at the Guadalajara airport, so it would not be strange to think that someone there tells the criminals which truck to steal.
Source: Notisistema