Did AMLO help Tabasco? It is the state that grew the most in 2022

The rebound in economic activity in the southeast occurs in the context of works such as the Dos Bocas refinery and the Maya Train.

During last year, the Mexican economy achieved an annual growth of 3.9 percent, but among the 32 entities that are part of the national territory, the one that had the greatest expansion was Tabasco, with 17.0 percent, according to Inegi.

The rebound in economic activity in the southeastern entity occurred amid the federal government’s infrastructure projects, such as the refinery in Dos Bocas, as well as the Maya Train.

Behind Tabasco, the state that performed well in 2022 was Hidalgo, whose GDP had a growth of 11.0 percent and the third entity was Chihuahua, with an advance of 8.3 percent.

In total there were 11 entities that grew more than 3.9 percent of the national level. Although these entities were the ones with the greatest growth, those with the greatest weight in the national GDP were Mexico City, which contributed 14.6 percent; the State of Mexico, 9.0 percent, and Nuevo León, 7.5 percent.

In contrast, those that have a lower contribution to the GDP were Tlaxcala and Colima with 0.6 percent; Baja California Sur and Nayarit with 0.7 percent and Zacatecas with 1.0 percent.

In 2022, the national GDP at market prices was 29.45 trillion current pesos, added Inegi. Mexico City participated with 4.3 billion pesos; state of Mexico, with 2.6 billion; Nuevo León, with 2.4 billion; Jalisco, with 2.2 billion…” indicated the Institute.

The debate on the growth of Mexico. Inflation ‘rebounds’ in November

Inflation experienced an increase in November to reach 4.32 percent annually, from 4.26 percent in October, which interrupted a nine-month streak, Inegi reported.

The figure was below the 4.40 percent annual rate estimated by analysts consulted in the most recent Citibanamex survey.

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) showed an increase of 0.64 percent monthly, the highest in 10 months.

 Source: El Imparcial